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We implement landscaping, planting, rainwater harvesting technology and its subsequent use for irrigation, natural garden ponds, necessary irrigation, small garden structures - walls, raised beds, composters, terraces, roads, paving, etc.

  When implementing our natural garden projects, we adhere to the following PRINCIPLES AND PRINCIPLES:

  • We use plants suitable for the given habitat - we minimize the need for additional watering and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

  • We do not use plants that require peat - we protect peatlands and their valuable ecosystems.

  • In the garden we place natural elements (trunk, house for insects, feeders, birdhouses, ponds, stones, etc.).

  • We use plants suitable for grazing bees.

  • In our gardens we use flowery meadows, which can partially replace the irrigation and care-intensive lawn.

  • We support species diversity.

  • We use only organic fertilizers and compost.

  • We strive for low maintenance.

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